Professional Cuddlist®

Certified Cuddlist is

…a Professional Cuddling service that offers a safe space to explore nurturing touch and conversation. Sessions consist of platonic touch, talking, and – more importantly – listening. It is about compassion, nurturing and connection; human-to-human in the most natural way possible. Our need for touch and connection is deeply rooted within being human. This service fills our need for touch and connection, having you feel connected, heard and rejuvenated!

Note that no sexual activity is involved; no kissing, and no touching of intimate areas. It offers touch that is not about sex. Yes – such a thing EXISTS!

Fill your cuddle tank, connect with yourself, accept yourself,  feel your bliss! 

Cuddling is for…

…anyone who would love more affection, compassion and touch in their life. Ages range from mid-20’s to 70’s and is for individuals who live alone, are between partners, are curious or who want more touch and connection in their lives.  Every experience takes you deeper into a more conscious and present experience of touch and safe human connection.  Experience deep relaxation and bliss when you discover the benefits of healthy nurturing touch – all at your own pace.

The Power of Cuddling…

…is well documented. Cuddling increases endorphins and stimulates the release of Oxytocin, Serotonin and Dopamine ~  which are associated with being connected and centered within ourselves, feeling ‘good’ and settled. They even boost our immune system! By snuggling close, our heart rate and blood pressure are lowered, and our stress, anxiety, depression and chronic pain are decreased. Cuddling helps us feel confident, loved and connected with others.  Whatever your reasons for cuddling, a little physical contact or  TLC (tender loving cuddles) will go a long way to making you feel happy, healthier, less stressed and more fulfilled.


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