Tina is an effective, compassionate and grounded coach. With her deep presence and care, she skillfully and organically helped me shift out of anxiety and shock into calmness and acceptance. I am extremely grateful and would highly recommend her. S.B Victoria, BC

   “I started working with Tina in 2013 after I had separated and was moving towards Divorce after a 15 year marriage. My sense of self in relationship and as a sexual being was severely impacted by this experience, and so I was looking for support to allow me to re-inhabit and strengthen these parts of myself. The Coaching that Tina offered allowed me to develop a deeper awareness of my sexuality, my masculinity and affirmed who I was as a healthy and complete sexual being, capable of creating and enjoying nourishing and healthy relationships. In less time than I thought possible I had created a new, deep, nourishing relationship that integrated all the pieces I now knew I had been missing from my past. From the trauma and breakdown, Tina’s combination of gentle, open-hearted support and powerful directness allowed me to create a completely new foundation. Her work has changed my life – and I am immensely grateful.” Dr. Don Goodeve, Victoria, BC – October 2015


I  experienced my first cuddle party recently. Tina was a wonderful guide! I felt safe and empowered in the space that she provided.  I appreciated that saying ‘No’ was encouraged. This made the mutual ‘Yes’s’ better. I really enjoyed the exchange of touch in such a respectful and non sexual environment. I am looking forward to the next party and I am hoping one day this unique experience will become the norm : )  By the end of the 3 hour workshop I definitely felt aglow and completely at peace.  Renee  from Victoria, BC

 “Cuddle Party” is an organized way to get unorganized, let loose and experience pure connection in the form of affectionate, human touch. ” — Karin Whittaker on Nov 11, 2014

 I had a wonderful experience at the first Cuddle Party. It warmed me and stayed with me for days. I discovered I can be really shy and really connected at the same time! Looking forward to another one this evening…..just taking those barriers down and coming fully to the experience. ” EG Victoria BC

I was challenged with my views and  opinions about physical intimacy especially with women. I went to a cuddle party hosted by Tina Dyck to address my issues. I was greeted warmly and felt safe and taken care of in the introduction. Tina was very professional and facilitated the group in exploring our boundaries and limitations. I  highly recommend this business and will be a returning client.   Edwin Knight Victoria BC


My partner and I did a kissing workshop with Tina last spring and we loved it. Tina created a safe, and comfortable space for us to dive in and explore intimately. The exercises she shared were easy, playful and delicious.
We happily participated and have been excited by the outcome. Our kissing became more a part of our everyday life together again. We have been together for 14 years and had forgotten how much we loved to kiss each other. Our kissing has become a part of our everyday life together again. Ahava Shira, Salt Spring Island, BC