Intimacy Coach

Somatic Sex Educator is…

…a direct and powerful technique for moving past your ‘edges’ to provide greater access to pleasure and your deep erotic self. This therapeutic approach uses gentle one way touch to allow clients to explore and connect with their own pleasure, deepening connection with the self at a pace suited to the client. It is about increasing intimacy and pleasure using the breath, focused attention and playful exploration. Whether you are bored, stuck in a rut or longing for more pleasure ~ the magic of your sexuality awaits you.

Tina Dyck is trained as a Certified Sexological Bodyworker and her certification is approved by the State of California.  For more information check out    //

Scar Tissue Remediation is…
…a transformational physical technique that works to melt hard tight scars allowing more sensation to return to the body.  When scar tissue builds up it can cause pain, a reduction in sensation, and in some cases loss of access to the pleasure of touch.  Scars from injuries, childbirth, hysterectomy, circumcision to name a few can be supported with scar tissue remediation.

For Women:
Reconnect with your body and expand your capacity for pleasure
Sensual communication to fulfill your sexual desires
Learn to give and receive touch
Explore G spot and female ejaculation

For Men:
Become the lover your partner wants and desires
Explore power and surrender
Learn to give and receive touch
Healing erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation

For Couples:
Re-ignite your passion as a couple
Intimacy and Communication Coaching
Sensual communication to fulfill your sexual desires
Discover differences in giving and receiving your lover’s touch
Play with power and surrender
Massage lessons for lovers

Tina is an effective, compassionate and grounded coach. With her deep presence and care, she skillfully and organically helped me shift out of anxiety and shock into calmness and acceptance. I am extremely grateful and would highly recommend her. S.B Victoria, BC

“I started working with Tina in 2013 after I had separated and was moving towards Divorce after a 15 year marriage. My sense of self in relationship and as a sexual being was severely impacted by this experience, and so I was looking for support to allow me to re-inhabit and strengthen these parts of myself. The Coaching that Tina offered allowed me to develop a deeper awareness of my sexuality, my masculinity and affirmed who I was as a healthy and complete sexual being, capable of creating and enjoying nourishing and healthy relationships. In less time than I thought possible I had created a new, deep, nourishing relationship that integrated all the pieces I now knew I had been missing from my past. From the trauma and breakdown, Tina’s combination of gentle, open-hearted support and powerful directness allowed me to create a completely new foundation. Her work has changed my life – and I am immensely grateful.” Dr. Don Goodeve, Victoria, BC – October 2015